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Rabiah Technology is established by a group of technical entrepreneurs and angel investors having diverse technological and management expertise to compete against the quickening pace of technology. Rabiah Technology aims to achieve its strategic goals by initiating and maintaining highest quality, strongest reliability and integrity in a timely manner and at reasonable cost. Our head office is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and it employs the principles of international best practices and total quality management in our operations.


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Streamlining Manpower

In its aim to provide outstanding technical solutions for untapped industries, Rabiah Tech developed a new system named “Tabe3”. The system service manpower organizations and especially those specialized in security and safety services. We have built our system in collaboration with strategic players in this field to achieve the best business practices to fulfill the needs of such organizations.

Our goal is to automate the decision making process by monitoring the operations and providing the system’s dashboard with key data to guide the KPIs, Reports, And Graphical analysis to make on-time decisions.

The system is composed of multiple modules that spans the full cycle of the business. From quoting and contracting to converting the client’s requirements to a project and then managing it and creating a project plan to monitoring its execution. There are so many other features the system provides that would certainly drive the change to how manpower services are looked at.

Health Information System

Time and Attendance

Monitor your Business like never before

Time and Attendance System
Time and Attendance solutions/devices are commonly available in the market; the question is what would entice a consumer to go for one instead of the other? At Rabiah we asked ourselves the same and grouped together to brainstorm how an offering would be different than the other. We realized that the device plays the role of the facilitator while the system should be the core offering.

Recognizing the fact above, we built a universal device-independent system that serves as the time and attendance solution for any organization indifferent of its size. This approach leaves the clients better off being locked in to one device’s provider or brand. It moreover reduces the cost of maintenance/integration as network connectivity is all we need to connect any device.

Our solution is very generic that it fits different industries. We designed it in a way where it recognizes the different structures of different industries and the different workflows of each. Therefore, the system admins would be able to structure the organization, assign certain workflows, design reports, and control users’ privileges.

The system comes with an admin dashboard for an organizations’ leadership to monitor their operations. The dashboard is real-time reflecting actual punch-in punch-out.

We at Rabiah partnered with Anviz for devices; a leading fingerprint, RFID, Access Control provider. Anviz is based o Texas Instruments technology that is well-known for its quality and robustness. Our devices supports: Fingerprint, IRIS, Access Controls, and Face Recognition.


Document Management System

Your Way to Digitizing Documents

It is a long established fact that documents are the treasure for any organization due to the information they contain. Paper-based documents were the way, and most of the times still, to formally circulate a document to complete a certain workflow. Looking at the premises of that, we at Rabiah came up with our own style of Document Management System:

  • A holistic system built on a generic platform, Microsoft SharePoint. Therefore, easier integration internally and externally as well as better workflow management.
  • Recognition(OCR) capabilities both in Arabic and English to automate the workflows.
  • Ability to create different sites and flag them for internal or external use.
  • System’s Interoperability by supporting LDAP, SOAP, etc… .
  • Indexing, Versioning, Collaboration, Scanning, Security, Searching, Validation.
Document Management System

Our Services

We can serve you exceptionally in many sectors of Information Technology

Web-based Solutions

ِAcquainted with Web technologies, our consultants will be able to provide a web-based solution that aligns to our clients’ business needs and requirements.

Biometrics & Security Solutions

We are proud to say this is our game that we challenge other to beat us in. Our offerings are not restricted to devices but also to leading solutions to reap most benefits out of these devices.

Network Solutions

Partnering with leading names like Cisco, HP, Dell; we know how to serve you best and how to better gauge your requirements to match your business case.

Software Systems

Our portfolio of software solutions is very rich and contains HIS, DMS, CRM.

Hardware Solutions

Partnering with HP and Dell, we will be able to guide you through the selection of your HW infrastructure.

Integrated Solutions

Having too many systems?! we can help you by engaging with you to trying to connect these systems through industry standards; HL7, EDI, SOAP, etc….

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